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Bug#279250: openoffice.org: "Consolidate" dialog raises when it should not

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 07:00:13PM +0100, Stefan Schmitt wrote:
> I use KDE and with point-to-focus; the Calc "Consolidate" dialog
> sometimes pops into foreground when the Calc sheet gets the focus.

This might be correct behaviour. I had a look at upstream intel with gnome
click to focus.

When the Consolidte dialog is started it already operates on the selected
range. Notice the dialog has range entry fields and "shrink" buttons. The
default behaviour is that a data rnge is being entered when the dialog

Try click any cell in the spreadshet, notice is the consolidate entry field

While the consolidate data entry is in progress, and the related spreadsheet
is activated, then it is maybe correct that the dialog should grab focus?

Stefan: Please observe these actions and report if you still consider this is
not correct behaviour?



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