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Re: [Dict-common-dev] MySpell hyphenation patterns

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Rene Engelhard a écrit :
... <snip> ...

Well, a little bit later, I just filed those bugs as I wanted to wait
whether we need a consesus on that Recommends: thing but since there was
no outcome yet I filed the bugs with patches without this....
(sublimial message: could you please support me in this? ;) )

Hi René,

A consensus might be nice but one comment here :
- I would appreciated if the {myspell, OOo-hyphen*}-fr packages were uploaded to sid in a timeframe allowing them to be in sarge.

Those dictionnary are the second most wanted feature from my users.

I asked in d-dev-fr the status of thoses packages in [1] and Aurelien answer with a link to his packages...


[1] (french) http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-french/2003/debian-devel-french-200312/msg00017.html

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