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Call for OOo user interface font size testers

[Sorry, I pressed send to early and a draft went to debian-openoffice]


I've uploaded 1.1.0-2.3pre1 packages of openoffice.org and
openoffice.org-bin to the unstable section of our mirrors [1], and I'd
be grateful if people who have had problems with the user interface font
size in 1.1.0-1 and 1.1.0-2 could try them out before they go to
unstable, and let us know the results.

Here is a summary of the font changes that have been made that I am
aware of since we started incorporating Xmian's patches, to help you
understand OOo's behaviour between the versions:


      * Added Ximian fontconfig patches.  With these, OOo queries
        fontconfig for a list of available fonts, but all other font 
        displaying/sizing/formatting etc is still done in the usual
        way.  That's why OOo did not start supporting any other
        fontconfig features such as ttc support, artifical italics,
        antialising etc.

      * Added Ximian patch to remove workarounds for displays < 96 DPI,
        so that UI fonts and documents zoomed at 100% show at true size
        on displays with a lower DPI.


      * KDE integration: Previously, OOo only used the name of the
        default KDE font.  Patched to also retrieve the font size,
        italic/bold setting for both the general font and the menu font.

      * Increased default font size for non-KDE/Gnome users from '8' to
        '12' (not sure if this really is a point size).  That was a
        mistake; backed out for -3.


      * Backed out patch to increase default font size; it now only
        slightly enlarges it (maybe this needs removing completely?)

      * Added patch to make it possible to select which desktop
        integration OOo chooses.  Set OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP to 'gnome',
        'kde' or 'none' to force which desktop integration OOo uses.
              * OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=kde
              * OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome
              * OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=kde

      * KDE integration: Fixed the 'use system UI fonts' setting - this
        never worked in KDE integration mode.  Added Nikita's patch to
        check KDEDIR and KDEHOME for a user-supplied KDE directory.

      * Gnome and KDE integration: Added gui-scale-ruler, which reduces
        the toolbar font slightly to improve the ruler appearance.

      * Gnome integration: merged openoffice.org-gnome back into the
        main package, since most users did not seem to find it.  The
        group of users who had installed openoffice.org but not -gnome
        will now find their desktop integration works again and the
        icons are back.

So, let the testing begin :)  I've purposely not uploaded to unstable
yet because I'm not sure if there's still something I've overlooked.  If
you do still feel something is wrong, I'd appreciate the following

- Which desktop integration mode you use (and double check that OOo
really did detect your desktop correctly by using OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP to

- Which DPI setting is your X server set to?   Is it the correct setting
for your display size and resolution?  Is the Xft.dpi property set?

- Can you provide a screenshot, if OOo is wildly different from other
programs on your desktop?

Thanks for your feedback,

[1] http://openoffice.debian.net/mirrors.html - I pushed the packages to
ftp.freenet.de; other mirrors may not have synced yet.

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