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Re: Dutch spellcheck package RFA


Wouter Hanegraaff wrote:
> Some time ago I announced the availability of a dutch spellcheck
> package. I wonder if this package could be adopted by the debian
> openoffice team or other debian developers. 

What exactly do you mean with "adopted"? Would you maintain the
package yourself? Do you wanna give the package someone of us and let
us maintain it?

Should we upload it to the Debian archive?

> The package can be found here:
> deb http://projects.openoffice.nl/download/debian/openoffice.org/ ./
> deb-src http://projects.openoffice.nl/download/debian/openoffice.org/ ./
> Please let me know if you are interested in taking this package.

I do have some remarks:

a) Why -nl-nl? Is there the possibility to get a -nl-be or whatever
dutch is spoken "outside" the netherlands (if there is some) to

If no, just call the package -nl.

b) Uploaders: should soe Debian OpenOffice Team
<debian-openoffice@lists.debian.org> as Maintainer: and you as
Uploaders: to cenrralize informations and bug reports. These things
won't be sent to you then so I would be good if you subscribe to
debian-openoffice :)

If you want to, I can fix this myself, upload these packages and sent
them to you so that you have the up to date version (as the maintainer
sou should have it :) )


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