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Re: Dictionaries: TODO

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 12:57:59PM -0400, Kevin B. Hendricks wrote:
> Don't worry about the OOo part.  Once you decide on a shared location, I 
> can change the OOo lingucomponent code to look there for shared files 
> first 

Thanks for being so co-operative, Kevin :)

I wonder whether we can do this in a way that would be flexible enough to
benefit all the distros/OSes that need this by avoiding an absolute
hardcoded path and either defining it at build time (maybe an extra
configuration option in config_office), or at runtime as a PATH-like entry
in dictionary.lst or similar?

> (the dictionary.lst file would still need to be at the shared OOo 
> location but that is an OOo specific file anyway 

Actually, it is policy to place system configuration files under /etc.
Debian policy for configuration files says:

  11.7.1 Definitions

  configuration file
    A file that affects the operation of a program, or provides site- or
    host-specific information, or otherwise customizes the behavior of a
    program. Typically, configuration files are intended to be modified by
    the system administrator (if needed or desired) to conform to local
    policy or to provide more useful site-specific behavior.

  11.7.2 Location

  Any configuration files created or used by your package must reside in
  /etc.  If there are several you should consider creating a subdirectory of
  /etc named after your package.

  If your package creates or uses configuration files outside of /etc, and
  it is not feasible to modify the package to use the /etc, you should still
  put the files in /etc and create symbolic links to those files from the
  location that the package requires.

So dictionary.lst needs to be treated as a configuration file (to allow the
system administrator to add dictionaries) and to reside under /etc.  This
goes against the current OpenOffice.org single directory tree, although we
already started talking about this on another thread :)  I just wanted to
point out that we have moved dictionary.lst and placed a link in the OOo
tree to the location in /etc.  I belive that other distros follow the same
policy, although not necessarily as strictly.

> and I can incorporate a search path to find the actual dictionaries.  I
> just want to make sure that any user installed dictionaries take
> precedence over any shared dictionaries.

That's great.


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