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Re: Dictionaries

Hi Chris,

Chris Halls wrote:
> > I put an eye on the DE version, and don't seen much "specialities" 
> > (though there are because it supports de_CH, de_DE, and another one).
> Rene 'generates' the Australian dictionary by copying the German one,
> although I think the same thing could be achieved by adding two lines to
> dictionary.lst for the one dictionary.

You mean Austrian :)

Anyways, how do you think should this work?

I do not think so. If we would have two lines in dictionary.lst then
we have to put the corresponding things into -spellcheck-de-de.

Then we have -de-de and -de-ch. Some people won't consider that there
is a -de-at available and this is contained in the -de-de package.

Someone may think that this is no problem because that users get the
Austrian dictionary too if installing -de-de. But who knows?

Should we rename the whole thing into -de-de-at and -de-ch and thhe
decription of the packages accordingly? First looks a bit ugly to me...

I wanted to make it simple and intuitive :)

A empty package depending on -de-de and adding a new line to
dictionary.lst would in my opinion _not_ the solution.

On IRC, you proposed an solution with virtual packages where I do not
understand how this should work.

If you do a Provides: openoffice.org-spellcheck-de-at for the
openoffice.org-spellcheck-de-de package the problem *does not* go
away, because you *can't* install openoffice.org-spellcheck-de-at with
apt-get. You'll see no austrian dictionary package in any list
(dselect / aptitude / apt-cache) either.
It may work, but it again may confuse people...

Or what are you _really_ proposing to do?



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