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Re: [Announce] OpenOffice.org-1.0.0

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Grace and Peace to you.

First, let me thank you for your time.  I have found the builds to be very 
usable. 0.641d.cvs20020423-1 fixed the font problems i was having (ttf fonts 
were always bold in some situations).

> 03. Where should the configuration files go?
>     Tim Wheeler pointed out, that the splash screen should be disabled.
>     Showing the splashscreen couses a high load on his computer (Athlon
>     1.2GHz). In this issue he asks about the location of the
>     config-files. They should be saved global in /etc. sofficerc is in
>     /usr/lib/openoffice.org/program is a kandidate for /etc/openoffice.
>     The name of the dir in /etc could be changed to openoffice.org :)
>     I'm not really sure that it is splashscreen that makes a load. --Nidd.

The problem I had with the splashscreen is that it obscures the desktop 
(errr...everything).  It always remains on top.  Because of the load time of 
openoffice (even on my 1.2 athlon) the splashscreen is up for a long time 
preventing any work from being done except along the edges--very annoying.  
It has taken as long as 10 seconds to load.

Tim Wheeler

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