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Re: New openoffice.org 641 .deb for i386

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i added the following to the sources.list and it worked mostly.  (is there a 
better syntax?)

deb http://apt-proxy.sourceforge.net/openoffice/ ./

i had a size mismatch and it wouldn't install after apt-get'ing.  i used dpkg 
- -i and that worked.  it required libstdc++3, which i had to apt-get 
separately.  it seems to work ok so far.  thank you kindly.



> ====[ On Thursday 18 April 2002 03:21 pm, Chris Halls wrote: ]====
> Hi folks,
> Finally the last few build problems are sorted and I could build a .deb.
> Changelog for the latest set of changes:
> openoffice.org (0.641d.cvs20020417-1) unstable; urgency=low
>   * sync with upstream CVS
>   * We have a .deb for i386!
>     - Remove 005_no_mozab.diff
>     - Generate diagnostic output during setup
>     - setup always returns error code 1 (duh!), so
>       ignore it and examine the logfiles for success
>     - debian/MANIFEST: update for this version
>     - debian/openoffice.*: rename to openoffice.org.*
>     - debian/control: change stlport dependency to remove warning
>       and update Uploaders
>     - debian/openoffice.org.links: update library versions
>  -- Chris Halls <chris.halls@gmx.de>  Thu, 18 Apr 2002 18:15:31 +0200
> The are all available in CVS, too.  The GPC removal patch from Peter is not
> yet right, so you need to go back to the previous patch.  You can do this
> with these commands:
>     cd debian
>     cvs up -D2002-04-14 007_gpc_include_patch.diff 007_no_gpc_at_all.diff
> Warning: this uses cvs sticky tags.  A subsequent 'cvs update' will not get
> the latest version.  You can remove the sticky tags like this:
>     cvs up -A 007_gpc_include_patch.diff 007_no_gpc_at_all.diff
> I've put up a temporary directory with the Openoffice.org .deb and the
> libstlport .deb, which is needed because the libstlport in main is built
> with gcc2.95 and is incompatible.  You can find it at:
>     http://apt-proxy.sourceforge.net/openoffice
> Once installed, run openoffice to start the fun :-)
> Chris

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