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New openoffice.org 641 .deb for i386

Hi folks,

Finally the last few build problems are sorted and I could build a .deb.
Changelog for the latest set of changes:

openoffice.org (0.641d.cvs20020417-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * sync with upstream CVS
  * We have a .deb for i386!
    - Remove 005_no_mozab.diff
    - Generate diagnostic output during setup
    - setup always returns error code 1 (duh!), so
      ignore it and examine the logfiles for success
    - debian/MANIFEST: update for this version
    - debian/openoffice.*: rename to openoffice.org.*
    - debian/control: change stlport dependency to remove warning
      and update Uploaders
    - debian/openoffice.org.links: update library versions

 -- Chris Halls <chris.halls@gmx.de>  Thu, 18 Apr 2002 18:15:31 +0200

The are all available in CVS, too.  The GPC removal patch from Peter is not
yet right, so you need to go back to the previous patch.  You can do this
with these commands:

    cd debian
    cvs up -D2002-04-14 007_gpc_include_patch.diff 007_no_gpc_at_all.diff

Warning: this uses cvs sticky tags.  A subsequent 'cvs update' will not get
the latest version.  You can remove the sticky tags like this:

    cvs up -A 007_gpc_include_patch.diff 007_no_gpc_at_all.diff

I've put up a temporary directory with the Openoffice.org .deb and the
libstlport .deb, which is needed because the libstlport in main is built
with gcc2.95 and is incompatible.  You can find it at:


Once installed, run openoffice to start the fun :-)

Chris Halls | Frankfurt, Germany

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