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Nice explaination what happens with idls.

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Hi Ken,

am 13.10.2001 13:15 Uhr schrieb Ken Foskey (foskey@optushome.com.au):

> This brings me back to the original question.   How does
> unxlngi3.pro/inc/com/sun/star/awt/VclWindowPeerAttribute.hdl get created?
> KenF

Usually all *.hdl files are C++-headers generated from a UNO registry by
cppumaker. The complete process is as follows:

Somewhere there is a IDL file (a likely candidate for <project> might be

>From that idlc produces a VclWindowPeerAttribute.urd, which gets merged by
regmerge into a <something>.rdb, from which finally a applicat.rdb gets
created and delivered in 'drafts'.

That 'registry database' file contains all the UNO Types known to the
OpenOffice.org application.

Later cppumaker is invoked to generate the C++ headers for type
com.sun.star.awt.VclWindowPeerAttribute from this rdb. For higher-level
modules this usually is taken care of in module 'offuh' ('uh' <=> 'UNO
This step generates headers VclWindowPeerAttribute.hdl and

Note: The *.hdl contains the actual type or constant definition. The *.hpp
includes the *.hdl and contains inline implementations of member functions.
Usually user code whould include the *.hpp.

HTH, Jörg

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