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[Pkg-octave-devel] Bug#524745: Bug#524745: Bug#524745: Postinst seems to run forever on mipsel

I am revisiting this buildd problem conerning the postinst script of the
octave3.0.  I see in the buildd status page for mipsel [1], the following:

    State: Building (16)

    tbb (26d 00:44, 3/7, mayer) octave-communications (18d 00:24, 10/10, rem)
    octave-financial (18d 00:24, 11/11, rem) octave-fixed (17d 17:32, 11/11,
    mayer) octave-nan (14d 21:44, 11/11, mayer) octave-linear-algebra (14d
    21:44, 11/11, mayer) octave-plot (14d 19:05, 11/11, rem) octave-sockets (11d
    23:34, 11/11, rem) octave-specfun (11d 23:34, 11/11, rem) zoneminder (10d
    07:11, 10/10, mayer) dballe (10d 03:16, 4/9, mayer) protobuf (9d 16:24, 8/9,
    mayer) nikwi (9d 06:14, 5/6, mayer) usplash-theme-debian (9d 01:54, tried 7
    times, 4/6, mayer) synce-trayicon (1d 15:16, tried 3 times, 10/10)
    gurlchecker (1d 10:10, tried 3 times, 10/10) 

[1] https://buildd.debian.org/~luk/status/architecture.php?suite=&a=mipsel

If I interpret this correctly, there are at least eight octave-* packages
with the build stalled right now, aren't there?  Either we kill the
processes or we take oportunity to debug the problem.  I think developers
have not access to either rem or mayer, right?  Otherwise, if you
discover anything interesting, please drop me a note.

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