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[Pkg-octave-devel] Bug#524745: Bug#524745: Bug#524745: Postinst seems to run forever on mipsel

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
I am revisiting this buildd problem conerning the postinst script of the
octave3.0.  I see in the buildd status page for mipsel [1], the following:

    State: Building (16)

    tbb (26d 00:44, 3/7, mayer) octave-communications (18d 00:24, 10/10, rem)
    octave-financial (18d 00:24, 11/11, rem) octave-fixed (17d 17:32, 11/11,
    mayer) octave-nan (14d 21:44, 11/11, mayer) octave-linear-algebra (14d
    21:44, 11/11, mayer) octave-plot (14d 19:05, 11/11, rem) octave-sockets (11d
    23:34, 11/11, rem) octave-specfun (11d 23:34, 11/11, rem) zoneminder (10d
    07:11, 10/10, mayer) dballe (10d 03:16, 4/9, mayer) protobuf (9d 16:24, 8/9,
    mayer) nikwi (9d 06:14, 5/6, mayer) usplash-theme-debian (9d 01:54, tried 7
    times, 4/6, mayer) synce-trayicon (1d 15:16, tried 3 times, 10/10)
gurlchecker (1d 10:10, tried 3 times, 10/10)
[1] https://buildd.debian.org/~luk/status/architecture.php?suite=&a=mipsel

If I interpret this correctly, there are at least eight octave-* packages
with the build stalled right now, aren't there?  Either we kill the
processes or we take oportunity to debug the problem.  I think developers
have not access to either rem or mayer, right?  Otherwise, if you
discover anything interesting, please drop me a note.

There is only one of them really stalled on the buildd, the others just did not get retried. It being stalled is to debug the problem and it's kind of waiting on your input how to debug it AFAIK.



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