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Re: [Pkg-octave-devel] optim package from octave-forge to go in Lenny?

* Michael Creel <michael.creel@uab.es> [2008-06-11 15:39]:

> I'm the author, and looking at the file, it seems like I neglected to
> copyright it. Actually, that file is out of date, as is the corresponding
> pdf file, and should probably just be removed. I tried to remove it from o-f
> back when o-f was on CVS, but I couldn't get rid of it (if my memory serves
> me). I'll try now to remove it from SVN. Otherwise, I'm happy to license it
> GPL or the GNU free document license, whatever is easiest. I'll do this and
> the dependency thing for econometrics package now.

Thanks.  As you are at it, please do the appropriate changes in the Makefile
for avoiding the inclusion of the directory doc/figures/.svn/ in the
tarball, as well as the *.log, *.dvi, *.aux, and *.out files.



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