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Bug#555794: dh_ocamldoc: wrong regexp to detect ocamldoc flags

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> No problem, I remember discussing that on IRC, but it is of absolutely
> there importance (I can be of course wrong!), the important thing is
> fixing it :-)

I already fixed it in my local copy. I'll push soon.

> FWIW, I've just discovered an even more annoying sub-bug of this, namely
> that --include must be on column 0, because the regexp looks like
> /^--include/. Also in that case, it would be way better to check for a
> word boundary instead of for the beginning of the line.

This is documented and was really done on purpose but I really don't
remember why :/


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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