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Re: Bug report #541682

Stéphane Glondu a écrit :

I am also surprised. I haven't received this bugreport either.

It seems that is has been going to unknown-package@qa.debian.org.

I am less surprised. Not all Debian architectures have ocamlopt. The
architectures where ocamlopt is available are documented in
/usr/lib/ocaml/native-archs (you should use OCAML_HAVE_OCAMLOPT or
OCAML_OPT_ARCH from /usr/share/ocaml/ocamlvars.mk, if needed, in your

It's the maintainer's job to make packages work even if ocamlopt is missing.

Thank you for your reply. Will do. Please don't be in too much a hurry...

All the best,

Guillaume Yziquel.

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