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Re: roadmap to OCaml >> 3.11 in Lenny+1


On 08-02-2009, Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> wrote:
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> In doing that transition, I propose to start improving things in each
> package which will make our life easier for future changes. Here is
> out of on top of my head a list of small things we should do in _all_
> the packages we are going to upload for OCaml 3.11:
> [...]
> - if you are packaging a library, please have it generate ocamldoc API
>   reference documentation in HTML format, and register it with
>   doc-base under the Programming/OCaml section

Consider the program: 

That can help to generate related .doc-base file.

> - please rely on @OCamlStdlibDir@ substitution variable rather than on
>   /usr/lib/ocaml/@OCamlABI@, as the former will enable us to switch
>   our directory layout more easily if we decide to

Also consider using @OCamlDllDir@ for stublibs

> - ADD YOUR OWN HERE  Please mention changes which are relatively low
>   on impact, but can possibly improve things for the future.

Will think about adding things here...

Sylvain Le Gall

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