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Re: roadmap to OCaml >> 3.11 in Lenny+1

Stefano Zacchiroli a écrit :
> - pretty please consider switching to the OCaml CDBS class, if you
>   don't use it yet. I know there is people which don't like CDBS (and
>   I'm not particularly in love with it either), but it is essential to
>   be able to rely on some common build practices and on toolchain
>   components which factorize behavior out of single package. If you
>   don't want to use CDBS itself, please provide an "API" in your
>   debian/* files which implements the same of the CDBS class we
>   currently have

Is this API documented somewhere (besides in ocaml*.mk snippets)?

> - please rely on @OCamlStdlibDir@ substitution variable rather than on
>   /usr/lib/ocaml/@OCamlABI@, as the former will enable us to switch
>   our directory layout more easily if we decide to

What about doing this right now? I mean, for the first upload of OCaml
3.11 to unstable. We will have a period of OCaml breakage anyway, so
IMHO it's the right time to make the switch. The versioned library dir
is not really relevant since we never provide several versions of OCaml....



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