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Re: repo setup for git-buildpackage

Eric Cooper wrote:
>> So I did this using my tool, and I got this: [...]
> I forgot to mention, your tool did a much better job than git-svn --
> does it make sense to make it more widely available, or offer it as an
> improvement to the git-svn maintainers?

My tool is very specific to our setup. At best, it could be useful for
other Debian maintainers in the same situation as us. For example, I've
noticed that games and vdr teams don't use the same svn layout as us
(they don't put tarballs "next to" debian/), and significant changes
will be needed to adapt my script there. I didn't take time to follow
discussions on games' side, and vdr don't seem to be interested in a git
migration. However, I don't think the script per se is really fit for
public release... I must admit the script itself is not really elegant,
and I keep changing things regularly, depending on things I learn.



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