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A git repository for coq packaging...


I am planning to package the upcoming (8.2) version of Coq (for
experimental). Several beta versions have already been released since

Since the move to git is kind of official now, I've first migrated the
existing repository to git. For this one also, I had to generate a
shellscript and manually tune it (mainly because it used branches and
the old svn layout). The result is available here:


It should be fine for regular use now, and is checkout-able by usual ways.

For all people interested in Coq packaging: please have a look, and give
your opinion.

I will remove coq from the svn repos and "officially" adopt the git one,
and proceed with packaging of 8.2, in (at least) 72 hours unless
otherwise instructed.

BTW, is it OK to add myself to Uploaders, and DM-Upload-Allowed field?
FYI, I also contribute upstream.



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