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ia64/unstable: FTBFS: needs ocamlopt

Hello calmers ;-),

What we are supposed to do with FTBFS like #483280, #483307, and similar where 
ocamlopt binary is just not available on these particular architectures, in 
that case IA-64 ? Should we just set the severity to important as Luk Claes 
did for  #483280 and wait for upstream to provide support for IA-64 or should 
we remove ia64 from Architecture: list ?

By the way, I'd like to thank Stefano and Sylvain for improving the (my;-) ara 
package and *documenting* that in README.Debian-source! I'm already a DD, so 
I can upload myself, but I'd love to co-maint/co-develop it together.

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