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Re: commit access right for all DDs to our repository

On Thu, 2007-07-26 at 16:39 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Hi Camlers,
>   the collab-maint project on alioth enables (using ACLs) all DD
> accounts on alioth to have commit access right to the repository.
> In the spirit of diminishing the sense of "ownership" of packages in our
> distribution, and to gain other side effect benefits (e.g. the fact that
> NMU patches can be directly committed in a repository) I'm hereby
> proposing to require a similar setup for our repository. 

As a mere observer, but one developing a product maintained by Ocaml
maint team, and Mike Furr in particular, I think this is probably
nice because my product actually contains substantial C/C++ code
and substantial Python code .. AS WELL as Ocaml code.

With the current setup there is actually a disincentive to split
the package into multiple packages, because it would lead to 
packages containing only Ocaml, only C/C++, and only Python code,
and it is a bit 'rude' for me to expect the Ocaml maint team
to handle the C/C++ and Python parts. Nevertheless the software
is fully integrated into one tarball at the moment, so the
building of the multiple binary packages needs to be done
from a single source (and all at once to ensure the 
internal dependencies met)

So it would be good if a Python expert or a C++ expert could
actually be able to provide support by being able to patch
or NMU, provided of course Mike agrees.

John Skaller <skaller at users dot sf dot net>
Felix, successor to C++: http://felix.sf.net

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