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ocaml 3.09.0 and word from the RMs ...


I spoke with Steve Langasek, and it seems that apart from the following two
issues, we are go.

 1) We should not in any case upload lablgtk or any of its reverse dependencies,
    before the libpng/imlib transition. I think this is a non-issue, because
    we plan to kind of get rideof lablgtk1 foretch, right ? 
 2) other uploads, like ocurl, and maybe approx, cduce, or geneweb, which
    happened recently and are not yet in testing. These we have the choice to
    wait or have them go in with the ocaml 3.09.0 stuff.

So, it would be nice if all of you checked your packages, and saw if there is
a problem and added it here, and for the approx, cduce, occurl, geneweb, ...
maintainers to come forward and decide whether it should go in (and possibly
be fast-tracked), or if we go with 3.09.0 for them.

The other decision is what to do about lablgtk1 and cameleon i think it was.
It seems there is a lablgtk2 version of cameleon, which altough beta, should
be packaged, not sure about the other lablgtk1 packages, but i think it is a
good time to try to get ride of both lablgtk1 and mlgtk.


Sven Luther

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