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Re: Ara and FTP-masters

Berke Durak <berke@nerim.net> writes:

> On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 11:56:02PM +0100, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> Hmm, evil mind starting to wind up....
>> Get 0.4 into sarge and then open RC bugs that the new one fixes. Added
>> incentive to get it out of NEW.
>> ...evild mind spinning down.
>> But seriously:
>> ara 	2004-11-27	1.0.5a	Oguz Berke Durak <berke-dev@ouvaton.org>
>> Do you realy thing 4 days is grounds for complains? Anything between a
>> week and two is perfectly normal. Once the security and t-p-u
>> infrastructure stands there will be at least a week (if it wasnt 16
>> days) grace period before the freeze. That should be ample time to
>> kick (friendly) some ftp-masters into processing it.
> Actually I was not complaining (for 4 days as you say) but I was worried
> that motivating some people would be necessary (since George talked about
> sponsoring, etc. two months ago when I hurried up to finish ara) to get
> it in Sarge.
> So if I understand right, a) there is hope to see it in Sarge b) just wait

Yep, no worry until you hear the t-p-u / security infrastucture is
there. Nothing moves on the release front till then.

> a week or two, c) and then hint some carefully chosen people that it
> would be nice to have ara & xara >=1.0.5b instead of 0.4.

Once ara leaves NEW and the normal 10 day delay has passed and ara
hass less (or 0) RC bugs than the previous version then it will
automatically move to sarge (if depends allow this too, ...).

I expect that to happen way before sarge gets frozen given the current
speed for sarge.
>> And if it realy happens to be stuck in NEW for month and misses the
>> sarge freeze I'm sure the RMs will be understanding and squeeze it
>> throught the freeze barrier.
> OK
> Well thanks for the reply.
> -- 
> Berke Durak


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