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Re: lablgtk, camlimages, advi, cameleon and libpng.

> > Heu, cameleon (the main trunk) depends on lablgtk1, not lablgtk2.
> Yeah, sure, was a typo.

That's what i thought, but this detail was the subject of the discussion,
so I pointed it to be sure ;-)

> > And it is not done, yet. It is started in a separated branch, named ...
> > "lablgtk2" :-)
> and, how is the progress on it, and is there still much work to be done ?

Zoggy is almost done, some widgets and properties are missing. I don't
know yet if there will be a zoggy1 to zoggy2 translator (it's such a
Okey and Configwin are almost done, too, I ust fix some bugs due
to changes between lablgtk1 and lablgtk2. 
Report is ported, modulo the fixes in Configwin and Okey.
OCamlCVS is ported.
The other tools depend on zoggy, so zoggy is the priority, except
if we drop zoggy and modify the code by hand (which I sometimes wonder
if this would not be better).



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