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Re: lablgtk, camlimages, advi, cameleon and libpng.

> I think it is best to keep the current naming scheme ie lablgtk,
> lablgtk2, camlimages...
> I think it is bet to generate camlimages2.
> Off course it should be best to move to lablgtk2 -> lablgtk... But there
> is always people assuming lablgtk is lablgtk... 

I second you in this point, lablgtk2 is even installed by default in the
lablgtk2 subdirectory of lib/ocaml/ .
> Maybe, when there will be time between the last application has migrate
> to lablgtk2 to remove lablgtk. But not to rename lablgtk2... Too much
> work for approximatively no effect. And when lablgtk3 will be issued
> we will have lablgtk3.
> To my mind renaming is hard, because 2 or 3 are meant to signifie major
> api change... 
> That's only my point of view.

I agree with you.

And don't worry, I don't desesperate about cameleon being completely
ported to lablgtk2 ;-)



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