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Re: Policy ready to be edited


On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 10:36:00AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 18, 2003 at 11:52:53PM +0200, Sylvain LE GALL wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I have just finish to fixed the policy document you can found on
> > pkg-ocaml-maint / dh-make-ocaml/trunk/policy. There is a master document
> > ( ocaml_packaging_policy.xml ) and chapter/appendix.
> > 
> > Off course, they need to be filled by something ( sorry i have no time
> > to do something more clean ).
> Ok, i will try to add some of the stuff from the old policy document in
> time, provided i can use conglomerate or something such for it. If not i
> will just post the paragraphs, and leave the work of actually adding
> them to someon more XML fluent.

I am sorry Sven, i think it could not be edited with conglomerate. I
give it a try and it fails almost immediatly. Furhtermore, i have
separated chapter in XML entity, and it is not a feature supported by

> > As we have discussed on friday night :
> > - choose between putting META file either in stdlibdir/META.package
> >   or stdlibdir/package/META ( we have choose the second one because it is
> >   the default way of doint this with ocamlfind... )
> As i understood it, they go in package/META, because the other method
> was not supported yet by findlib. If that has changed, it would be nicer
> to put them all in a ocamllib/METAS directory, and have findlib modified
> accordyingly.

Yes, it is possible. Maybe we can propose a mix of approach : 
Either put it in the package/ or in the METAS/ ( if the package
doesn't support findlib ).

I really don't know. To my mind i prefer one META per subdirectory, each
subdirectory containing the all the package libs.

> > - separated camlp4 extension in stdlibdir/package-syntax/. Add a META
> >   file in this directory with the syntax target.
> No idea about this, i don't really use camlp4 so, ...
> > - define a way to ship documentation generated by package or mli
> >   translation through ocamldoc :
> >    - my idea : create an ocamldoc-base package containing a script able
> >      to convert "ocamldoc.... -dump package.odoc" through "ocamldoc -load
> >      package.odoc .... (-html|-man|... )" to html, manpages...
> >    - zack idea : just use ocamldoc to generate html documentation in the
> >      package.
> Mmm, i will let this one to you.

Kind regard

Sylvain LE GALL

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