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Re: need help with mlglade

Dear Claudio,

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 11:18:07PM +0200, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen wrote:

> > ocamlc -I +lablgtk -c -g -i hello_glade_callbacks.ml
> > File "hello_glade_callbacks.ml", line 3, characters 37-72:
> > Unbound type constructor Hello_glade_interface.top_my_window
> > make: *** [hello_glade_callbacks.cmo] Error 2
>  [maybe the following mail is just bullshit; I am unable to reason well
>   this night]
>  If I am not wrong, I rebuilt lablgtk2 some days ago against 3.07 and I met
>  the same error (not on my laptop unfortunately).
>  I do not remember exactly what the problem was. But I remember that I had
>  to pre-process the file generated by glade with a script that upgrades
>  glade files for the latest version of the library. (the script is
>  distributed with gtk2 or with glade2; I do not remember the name)
>  Then I removed the generated file and I rebuilt everything.
>  After that (and/or maybe something else) everything worked fine.
> 					Nothing useful,
> 					   C.S.C.
> P.S: If you can not solve the problem, ask lpadovan@cs.unibo.it
>  (the owner of the laptop where everything is installed correctly)
>  Maybe he still have a couple of brain cells alive.

thanks for your answer. I looked around but couldn't find anything
that matches your desription. I guess I will ask lpadovan, then.

Thanks again -Ralf.

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