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Re: ocaml 3.07beta1 packages

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 03:48:08PM +0200, Remi Vanicat wrote:
> Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:
> > Ok its up, altough it seem to not want to use my public ssh key, but it
> > works with the password.
> >
> > What is the directory structure we decided on again ? I see that there
> > are various directories with just trunk in it :
> >
> >
> > <package-name>/trunk/debian
> > <package-name>/trunk/<upstream_tarball>
> >
> > But there are no specific versions, isn't it ?
> >
> > Should i create a 3.07beta1 branch, and later, when 3.07 is there,
> > create the trunk branch which will contain 3.07, and when 3.08 is
> > released, move the trunk branch to 3.07 and put 3.08 in the new trunk
> > branch ?
> It seem like a good idea.
> May be we could put 3.06 in trunk for know ?

I would prefer not, as 3.06 as not been dpatchified, and anyway, it is
going to be defunct really soon now. When 3.07 is released, i am going
to do an upload of 3.06-19 to testing-proposed-update, built in a sarge
pbuilder, since i doubt 3.06-19 will go into testing anytime soon since
it is blocked by the libgdbm changes. But it contains many fixes, which
will get lost when we upload 3.07. Maybe i can then start providing a
ocaml-3.06 package for people needing the older version, and which can
then be installable alongside the newer 3.07 which would contain the
plain executables, while the 3.06 would contain the suffixed ones.


Sven Luther

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