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Re: anns: cameleon and bibtex2html for woody, pxp for unstable

> > 1) is it possibile to use it without CVS support?, I've played just a
> >    bit with it and each time I try to create something cameleon argued
> >    about cvs, I suppose because it's trying to perform a CVS add
> I have to admit that I played with applications separately
> (that is why I created separate packages after all) and
> I didn't try to run them through the cameleon binary.
> Maybe Maxence could answer here?

Yes I can ;-) 
You should launch cameleon with the -norep flag. It won't perform any CVS operations, but still rely on the CVS/Entries files to get the files to display.
I use this option when I'm not connected. You cannot add files with this option, though.
If you don't manage your files with CVS, then you're stuck (for the moment). I may add a cameleon's own file to keep the list of files, but i'm quite busy right now. If I remmeber correctly (!) , it should only take one class to develop and use, with the same interface as Cam_norep.norep_cvs.

I add this to the TODO list.



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