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Re: Plans [Re: Cameleon 1.0]

On Wed, Aug 28, 2002 at 10:35:11AM +0200, J?r?me Marant wrote:
> I'm afraid, I don't have any web access right now. But I'll try to use
> my memory:

Ok, no problem, I googled a bit and I found out the complete index:

Options             a library to easily create configuration files

Okey                a library to easily add handlers to key press events
                    in LablGtk

IoXML               a camlp4 extension to define functions to read and
                    write values automatically from their type defs

Configwin           a library to easily build configuration or input
                    windows in LablGtk

Zoggy               an interface builder for LablGtk,

Report              a tool to graphically define the structure of
                    XML/HTML documents and provide the OCaml code to
                    fill them at runtime,

Epeire              a graphical interface for the OCaml debugger

Topcameleon         a graphical OCaml toplevel

OCamlmake-o-matic   a graphical assistant to create Makefiles, and other
                    files like configure.in

OCamlCVS            a graphical frontend to CVS commands, include a
                    library which can be used to add CVS management in
                    other applications

A doc browser       to explore the documentation from OCamldoc dump

MLChat              a little chat application without server, which can
                    be used on local networks,

DBForge             a tool to generate the OCaml code to access database
                    tables, the code being generated from the database
                    schema defined graphically

Gpattern            a library containing convenient classes to use with

Really Impressive!!!

That said, I propose to package each library in a single package, this
seems to include: options (liboptions-ocaml{,-dev), okey
(libokey-ocaml{,-dev}), configwin (libconfigwin-ocaml{,-dev}), gpattern
(libgpattern, ocaml{,-dev}) and I will include also ioxml[1] (what about
the package name?)

Then, surely MLChat can be not packaged, or packaged as an example (do
we really need it?).

At this point we need to know if there is some kind of integration
between the other developer tools, I have never used the whole cameleon
so I don't know if the tools are somewhat integrated or not.
If they aren't integrated is probably better to split a binary package
for each tool (each of which should depends on the needed libraries) and
then have a "cameleon" package which depends only on the _tools_.

I'm in doubt about OCamlCVS and OCamlmake-o-matic, regarding the former
I don't know about the library which it ships, a part from that library,
ocamlcvs as few to do with ocaml for the final user, we could consider
shipping it away from cameleon (i.e. with cameleon that doesn't depend
on it), _but_ if the library is worth while we can ship it as

Regarding the latter (OCamlmake-o-matic), we can ship it as a standalone
tool if it is worthwhile, or ship it with cameleon depending on it if
this tool is somewhat integrated with other tools.


[1] I already have packaged ioxml that can be found at my repository
caristudenti.cs.unibo.it/~zacchiro/debian, but never uploaded it; I used
the name ocaml-ioxml

Stefano Zacchiroli - undergraduate student of CS @ Univ. Bologna, Italy
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