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Re: ocaml 3.04-5 in incoming ...

Well, ...

It seems the emacs stuff is utterly broken in ocaml 3.04. Ralf, can you have a
look at it ?

It even hinders the installation of the ocaml package, which is rather severe.
I hope this can be solved nextly, or i will remove the emacs support in ocaml
(i am using vi anyway :))), or at least split it in its own package, so the
brokeness of the emacs stuff don't hinder normal use of ocaml.

It complains about reaching EOF in caml.el and another one.

huh ... Apparently it seems broken only at home, so it may be related to a bad
emacs installation there, i will have to check it, or maybe even do a clean
debian install there.


Sven Luther

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