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ocaml 3.04-5 in incoming ...

Hello, ...

I just uploaded ocaml 3.04-5 to ftp-master's incoming, and it is also
available at the usual place (ftp://lambda.u-strasbg.fr/debian/3.04/).

The changelog is :

 ocaml (3.04-5) unstable; urgency=low
   * Split ocamlc.opt, ocamlopt.opt and ocamllex.opt into the
     ocaml-native-compilers package.
   * The ocaml-best-compilers virtual package is provided by
     ocaml-native-compilers if it is built and by ocaml if not.
   * Added an ocaml-source package containing the source to ocaml for packages
     which need them as build-depends.
   * Applied Ian Zimmerman's caml.el patch. (Closes:#129650,#130301)

Please have a look at uit and test out all the nice new stuff.

Notice that i created a ocaml-source package, which may contain not needed
stuff (ity is just a plain copy of the source) the package is 2mb big, and
arch: all, so it would not represent a too heavy load.

Package4s needing it can just build-depend on it, and the source are in :
/usr/lib/ocaml/source. If needed i can change this directory to something more
appropriate (source/ocaml-3.04 would also be good).

That said, it is not possible to build the sources onplace, since the files
are mode 644, and anyway people should not build things in debian private
place. I don't know how package depending on the ocaml source handles this
kind of things, but i think they should be changed so that they symlink these

Apart form that, i hope the .opt split is convenient for all and work as
planned, particularly the ocaml-best-compilers. I am a little anxious on how
the opt less arhces will handle this, but i tried it by disabling the opt
build on i386. Anyway, i am in the process of installing an SGI  indy with
debian on it (next week) and will then be able to do more testing of this kind
of stuff, or maybe even build the packages myself.

Also please someone test that the caml.el patch work as planned.


Sven Luther

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