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Re: efuns ?

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 11:55:09 +0100
Sven <luther@dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:

> > So I give up when I tried to re-build the (experimental)
> > package
> Did you ask the upsteream authors ?

No, because  the problem is that efuns has a strong dependance on
particular implementations/source files (the compilation process
needs to know the exact version number of the available OCaml
distrib.E.g. Specific configuration files are provided for OCaml
2.*) So, it was clear for me that it will be impossible to build
the package unless specific configuration files are provided in
efuns tarball... I decided to wait new upstream releases...

May be I'm wrong on certain details because this happens a few
weeks (if not months) ago... Things have to be checked again.
And you're right, it would be simpler to ask the author if he
intend to build a new release OCaml3.04/Efuns ...


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