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Re: splitting ocaml-native-compilers

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 11:48:58AM +0100, Sven wrote:
> > 
> > Another possibility is that you put an architecture-dependent
> > build-depends on ocaml-native-compilers. Though what you propose is
> > probably the better solution.
> Mmm, ralf, why do you feel a fake package would be better than a architecture
> dependant build depend ?

The main adavantage to me, as Judicaël explained yesterday, is for
me that it is much easier to maintain - both for you as for the
maintainer of the package which build-depends on ocaml(-opt). For
you the process could be automatic: if the creation of the 
native compiler version fails then you just create on this architecture
a paquet which just contains the files in /usr/share/doc, with some
explanation of whhat happenend in the README (if it is possible to
detect this situation automatically). But the main advantage is for the
maintainer of the package which build-depends on ocaml since he just
would not have to chaneg his package at all when the native compilers
get available at more architecture.

That's why I think that it would be a technically better solution.
However, I have doubts know (as Zack) whether the "problem" is
a real problem.


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