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Re: splitting ocaml-native-compilers


le mer 16-01-2002 à 18:16, Sven a écrit :
> Hello, ...
> I have just finished building ocaml 3.04-5, which splits away
> ocamlopt.opt and ocamllex.opt into a package called
> (not a great name, i think).
> Does someone have any kind of objection or remark to this ? Or maybe a
> name ?

I have an objection: if I understand well what you did, this mean that
ocamlopt.opt for instance will not be provided with the "ocaml" package.
The package I maintain has a "Build-Depends: ocaml". Its configure
script checks whether ocamlopt.opt is available and if so, use it
instead of ocamlopt (if ocamlopt is not available, it uses ocamlc). If
ocamlopt.opt is no longer included in ocaml, this means that it will
never be build with ocamlopt.opt (at least with buildd) as I cannot put
a dependency on ocaml-native-compilers if I want the control file of my
package to be architecture-independent (I like the portability of ocaml,
I would not like to deal with architecture-dependent problems). Is not
this a pity?

Maybe a fix would be to provide a "fake" ocaml-native-compilers for
architecture that do not support ocaml-native-compilers?

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