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Re: Possible New Packages?

On Sat, Jan 13, 2001 at 04:57:24AM +0100, Ralf Treinen wrote:
> > Attached is a list of interesting OCaml project that I think might
> > make useful Debian packages.  I'm thinking of packaging "mylib" and
> > "GetOpt", since I think they would be pretty useful.
> > 
> > Any of you have comments on these others?
> I'd rather prefer not to to clutter debian package space with many 
> small packets (those of the list that I looked at are around 15kB
> each) but to have them bundled into one packet, something like
> ocaml-devel-contribs.

Yes, that would be a nice idea. There are already other package that take this
kind of approach (like the dos2unix and unix2dos programs i think).

Also you could include the ocamlmakefile or something such also.

Does the licensing of said package is compatible ?

Also it would be nice to have a -task package regrouping all the ocaml stuff,
or maybe have a web page listing all the ocaml packages, something like
georges mariano did, (georges, is it up to date ?), but could be hosted at
debian's web site ? 


sven Luther

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