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Possible New Packages?

Attached is a list of interesting OCaml project that I think might
make useful Debian packages.  I'm thinking of packaging "mylib" and
"GetOpt", since I think they would be pretty useful.

Any of you have comments on these others?



1.  "mylib" -- A set of seemingly-useful modules (including a 
  nice pretty-printer).

  This is a nice small package that I think could be useful as a
  developer tool.

2.  "CGI" -- A library for writing CGI programs in OCaml

3.  "HereDoc" -- Syntactic sugar for text-generating applications.
  This looks interesting -- it's based on camlp4 and can be used
  to make more readable text-producing code. 

  But is it's functionality provided by some other package?  Like
  OCamlweb or OCamlDoc?

4.  "dl-runtime" -- Allows you to load primitive methods from
  shared libraries with OCaml 3.00 (patch against OCaml 3.0)

  This looks like a great tool.  Has anyone tried it?  Is it going to
  be added to the main distribution?

5.  "Getopt" -- A GNU Getopt module for OCaml

  I think this is a useful module.

6.  "libpq_ocaml" -- PostgreSQL bindings for OCaml

  Another useful package.  There's a MySQL version out there somewhere, too.

7.  "wserver" -- Daniel De Rauglaudre's toolkit for writing
  web-service applications:

  This is a bit dated, but might be of some interest.



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