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Debian Project News - July 16th, 2022

The Debian Project                               https://www.debian.org/
Debian Project News                    debian-publicity@lists.debian.org
July 16th, 2022              https://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2022/01/

Welcome to the Debian Project News!

Welcome to this year's first issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of the DPN.

DebConf22 is underway!

DebConf22 is being held in Prizren, Kosovo from Sunday 17th to Sunday 24th July
2022. The full schedule [1] includes 45-minute and 20-minute talks and team
meetings ("BoF"), workshops, and a job fair, as well as a variety of other
events. Video streaming will also be available from the DebConf22 website [2].
You can also follow the live coverage of news about DebConf22 on
https://micronews.debian.org or the @debian profile in your favorite social
network. Debian thanks the commitment of numerous sponsors [3] to support
DebConf22, particularly our Platinum Sponsors: Lenovo [4], Infomaniak [5], ITP
Prizren [6] and Google [7].

    1: https://debconf22.debconf.org/schedule/
    2: https://debconf22.debconf.org/
    3: https://debconf22.debconf.org/sponsors/
    4: https://www.lenovo.com
    5: https://www.infomaniak.com
    6: https://itp-prizren.com
    7: https://google.com

Bookworm freeze dates (preliminary)

The development of the next Debian release continues and the Debian
Release Team has proposed [8] a timeline for its freeze:

January 2023 (2023-01-12): Milestone 1 - Transition and toolchain freeze
February 2023 (2023-02-12): Milestone 2 - Soft Freeze
March 2023 (2023-03-12): Milestone 3 - Hard Freeze - for key packages
and packages without autopkgtests
To be announced: Milestone 4 - Full Freeze

    8: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2022/03/msg00251.html


Other topics covered in this issue include:

  * Important Debian Security Advisories
  * News on Debian "bullseye" and "buster"
  * News on Debian LTS
  * More than 1,000,000 bugs reported
  * Debian Project elections and votes
  * Debian Outreach activities
  * BSPs, Events, MiniDebCamps, and MiniDebConfs
  * Reports
  * Help needed
  * Code, coders, and contributors
  * Quick Links from Debian Social Media
  * Want to continue reading DPN?

For other news, please read the official Debian blog Bits from
Debian [9], and follow https://micronews.debian.org which feeds (via
RSS) the @debian profile on several social networks too.

    9: https://bits.debian.org

Important Debian Security Advisories

Debian's Security Team releases current advisories on a daily basis
(Security Advisories 2022 [10]). Please read them carefully and
subscribe to the security mailing list [11] to keep your systems updated
against any vulnerabilities. On 1st November 2021, the Debian Security
Advisory number #5000 was published. Thanks Security Team for the
continuous effort and support all these years!

   10: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/
   11: https://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/

Some recently released advisories concern these packages: mat2 [12],
xen [13], wpewebkit [14], webkit2gtk [15], request-tracker4 [16],
chromium [17], php7.4 [18], intel-microcode [19], ldap-account-
manager [20], blender [21], thunderbird [22], gnupg2 [23]. The Debian
website also archives [24] the security advisories issued by the Debian
Long Term Support team and posted to the debian-lts-announce mailing
list [25].

   12: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/DSA-5185-1
   13: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/DSA-5184-1
   14: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/DSA-5183-1
   15: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/DSA-5182-1
   16: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/DSA-5181-1
   17: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/DSA-5180-1
   18: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/dsa-5179-1
   19: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/dsa-5178-1
   20: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/dsa-5177-1
   21: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/dsa-5176-1
   22: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/dsa-5175-1
   23: https://www.debian.org/security/2022/dsa-5174-1
   24: https://www.debian.org/lts/security/
   25: https://lists.debian.org/debian-lts-announce/

News on Debian "bullseye" and "buster"

Updated Debian 11 and Debian 10: 11.4 and 10.12 released

Since the initial release [26] on 14 August 2021, the Debian project
issued four updates of its stable distribution Debian 11 (codename
"bullseye"), the last one announced [27] on 9 July 2022.

   26: https://www.debian.org/News/2021/20210814
   27: https://www.debian.org/News/2022/20220709

The Debian project also announced [28] the twelfth update of its
oldstable distribution Debian 10 (codename "buster") on 23 March 2022 to
point release 10.12.

   28: https://www.debian.org/News/2022/2022032602

These point releases added corrections for security issues along with a
few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories have already
been published separately and are referenced where available. Upgrading
an existing installation to either revision can be achieved by pointing
the package management system at one of Debian's many HTTP mirrors. A
comprehensive list of mirrors is available at:

News on Debian LTS

The Debian Long Term Support (LTS) Team announced [29] that Debian 9
"stretch" support has reached its end-of-life on July 1, 2022. A subset
of packages will be supported from now on by external parties (detailed
information can be found at Extended LTS [30]).

   29: https://lists.debian.org/debian-lts-announce/2022/07/msg00002.html
   30: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Extended

The LTS team will take over support for Debian 10 "buster" from the
Security Team during August, while the final point update for "buster"
will be released during that month. Debian 10 will also receive Long
Term Support for five years after its initial release with support
ending on June 30, 2024.

More than 1,000,000 bugs reported

The 18th of November of 2021, at 12:06:14 UTC, Debian hit the mark with
bug # 1,000,000 [31]. Thank you to all of our Developers, Contributors,
and users who helped us reach (and fix) this milestone.

   31: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1000000

Debian Project elections and votes

Several decisions have been taken with the Debian General Resolution
process and other type of elections in the last months, and some other
discussions or decisions are planned for the following months. Here you
can find a quick summary of them:

General Resolution: Change the resolution process

After a period of proposals and discussions initiated in 2021, the project has
officially adopted several changes in the Debian Constitution in order to amend
the resolution process on January 2022. These constitutional changes attempt
to address several issues detected by separating the Technical Committee
process from the General Resolution process since they have different
needs, setting a maximum discussion period for resolution, extending the
general resolution discussion period automatically if the ballot
changes, modifying the GR process to treat all ballot options equally
and other process improvements or clarifications.

All the information about this vote is in the web page about this
general resolution [32] and the changes in the were applied producing
the version 1.8 of the Debian Constitution.

   32: https://www.debian.org/vote/2021/vote_003

General Resolution: Voting secrecy

After a period of proposals and discussions initiated, the project has
officially adopted a change in the Debian Constitution in order to hide
identities of Developers casting a particular vote and allow
verification. All the information about this vote is in the web page
about this general resolution [33].

   33: https://www.debian.org/vote/2022/vote_001

Debian Project Leader election 2022: Jonathan Carter reelected

Jonathan Carter has been has been re-elected [34] for a new term. He
sent a Bits from the DPL [35] message in April and a new update about
the project leader tasks is scheduled [36] for the first day of

   34: https://bits.debian.org/2022/04/dpl-elections-2022.html
   35: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2022/04/msg00006.html
   36: https://debconf22.debconf.org/talks/5-bits-from-the-dpl/

Open discussion about Firmware

Steve McIntyre initiated a discussion [37] within the project in order
to gather opinions and proposals about how to improve firmware support
in Debian. The interchange of ideas and opinions still continues and
there is a BoF session in DebConf22 [38] dedicated to this topic. The
progress in the process of arriving to a decision may involve a General
Resolution proposal in the future, in order to get a clear mandate of
the project on how to proceed.

   37: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2022/04/msg00130.html
   38: https://debconf22.debconf.org/talks/43-fixing-the-firmware-mess/

Debian Outreach activities

Debian continues participating in Outreachy and Google Summer of Code
programs, and we're excited to announce that two interns [39] will
improve Yarn package manager integration with Debian for the Outreachy
May 2022 - August 2022 round, and three interns [40] will improve
Android SDK Tools in Debian and Quality Assurance for Biological and
Medical Applications inside Debian for the Google Summer of Code 2022

   39: https://bits.debian.org/2022/05/welcome-outreachy-interns-2022.html
   40: https://bits.debian.org/2022/05/welcome-gsoc2022-interns.html

During DebConf22's DebCamp a BootCamp [41] has been prepared to welcome
and help newcomers to get introduced to Debian and have some hands-on
experience using our belove operating system and contributing to the

   41: https://lists.debian.org/debconf-announce/2022/07/msg00003.html

If you'd like to help in the efforts to extend Debian and make it more
diverse, don't hesitate to join the Debian Outreach team! You can follow
the day-to-day of the new contributors and organization of the programs
on the debian-outreach mailing-list [42] and chat with us on our
#debian-outreach IRC channel. You can also have a look or join other
teams related to extending the community: the Debian Local Groups [43]
(focused on supporting Local Groups initiatives with infrastructure,
goodies, sharing ideas etc), the Welcome team [44], focused in help
newcomers find their way to start using Debian or contributing to the
project, and of course Debian Mentors [45] to support people starting to
contribute to Debian in packaging or infrastructure areas.

   42: http://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/
   43: https://wiki.debian.org/LocalGroups
   44: https://wiki.debian.org/Welcome
   45: https://mentors.debian.net/

BSPs, Events, MiniDebCamps, and MiniDebConfs

Upcoming events

Next Tuesday 16th of August 2022 the Debian community will celebrate
Debian's 29th birthday. Some events are already scheduled, have a look
at the related wiki page [46] to learn about them or add your Debian Day
party to the list to let others know about your local DebianDay

   46: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianDay/2022

There will be a Debian presentation booth [47] shared with Debian
Edu [48] at FrOSCon [49], August 20th/21st, 2022 in Sankt Augustin,

   47: https://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2022/06/msg00003.html
   48: https://blends.debian.org/edu/
   49: https://www.froscon.org/

From 14th to 16th October 2022, a Bug Squashing Party [50] will be held
in Karlsrhue, hosted (and generously sponsored by) Unicon GmbH [51] in
view of the first step of bookworm freeze scheduled for the beginnig of
2023. To ease the organisation of the event, you're kindly asked to
register on the wiki page [52] if interested.

   50: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2022/06/msg00002.html
   51: https://www.unicon.com/
   52: https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2022/10/de/Karlsruhe

Past events

The MiniDebConf 2021 Regensburg [53], Germany, took place on October
2nd-3rd 2021. With over 55 people attending and more than 20 talks and
lightning talks, this event was a real success. The video
recordings [54] are available.

   53: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2021/MiniDebConfRegensburg

Debian had a virtual stand [55] at FOSDEM 2022 held online on February
5th–6th 2022.

   55: https://stands.fosdem.org/stands/debian/

The Debian Clojure Team held a two days remote sprint [56], on May
13th-14th 2022, involving five of its members to improve various aspects
of the Clojure ecosystem in Debian.

   56: https://veronneau.org/clojure-team-2022-sprint-report.html

The eagerly awaited Debian Reunion Hamburg 2022 [57] was held from
monday 23th May to 30th May 2022 starting by five days of hacking
followed by two days of talks. People - more than sixty attendees - were
happy to meet in person, to hack and chat together, and much more. For
those who missed the live streams, the video [58] recordings are

   57: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2022/DebianReunionHamburg

During the Debian Reunion, three members of the Debian Perl Group met in
an (Unofficial) Debian Perl Sprint [59] to continue perl development
work for Bookworm and to work on QA tasks across their 3800+ packages.

   59: https://bits.debian.org/2022/07/debian-perl-sprint-2022.html


LTS Freexian Monthly Reports

Freexian issues monthly reports [60] about the work of paid contributors
to Debian Long Term Support.

   60: https://raphaelhertzog.com/tag/Freexian+LTS/

Reproducible Builds status update

Follow the Reproducible Builds blog [61] to get the weekly reports on
their work in the "buster" cycle.

   61: https://reproducible-builds.org/blog/

Help needed

Packages needing help:

Currently [62] 1261 packages are orphaned [63] and 180 packages are up
for adoption [64]: please visit the complete list of packages which need
your help [65].

   62: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2022/07/msg00111.html
   63: https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/orphaned
   64: https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/rfa
   65: https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/help_requested

Newcomer bugs

Debian has a "newcomer" bug tag, used to indicate bugs which are
suitable for new contributors to use as an entry point to working on
specific packages. There are currently 199 [66] bugs available tagged

   66: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=newcomer

Code, coders, and contributors

New Package Maintainers since 18 March 2021

Please welcome: Ganesh Pawar, Job Snijders, Hugo Torres de Lima, Saakshi Jain,
Ajayi Olatunji, Eberhard Beilharz, Ayoyimika Ajibade, Mingyu Wu, Imre Jonk,
harish chavre, Jan Gru, Felix C. Stegerman, Kai-Heng Feng, Brian Thompson,
Heinrich Schuchardt, Alex David, Cézar Augusto de Campos, Antoine Le Gonidec,
Fabrice Creuzot, Pavit Kaur, Mickael Asseline, Lin Qigang, Takuma Shibuya,
Daniel Duan, karthek, Tom Teichler, Marius Vlad, Dave Lambley, Dave Jones, Jan
Gruber, Erik Maciejewski, Daniel Salzman, Caleb Adepitan, Faustin Lammler, Linus
Vanas, Prateek Ganguli, Tian Qiao, Taavi Väänänen, Andrea Pappacoda, Carsten
Schoenert, Ricardo Brandao, Joshua Peisach, Filip Strömbäck, Victor Raphael
Santos Souza, Luiz Amaral, Roman Lebedev, Paolo Pisati, S. 7, Frédéric Danis,
Mark King, Ben Westover, Chris Talbot, Bartek Fabiszewski, Matteo Bini, Lance
Lin, Shlomi Fish, William 'jawn-smith' Wilson, Carlos F. Sanz, Ileana
Dumitrescu, Marcus Hardt, Victor Westerhuis, Christophe Maudoux, Agathe Porte,
Martin Dosch, Krzysztof Aleksander Pyrkosz, Hannes Matuschek, Lourisvaldo
Figueredo Junior, Thomas E. Dickey, Ruffin White, Chris MacNaughton, Ed J,
Thiago Pezzo, Matthieu Baerts, Ryan Gonzalez, Maxim W., Katharina Drexel,
Josenilson Ferreira da Silva, Felix Dörre, Fukui Daichi, Timon Engelke, Maxime
Chambonnet, Christopher Obbard, Martin Guenther, Nick Rosbrook, Daniel Grittner,
Bo Yu, Michael Ikwuegbu, Heather Ellsworth, Israel Galadima, Francois Gindraud,
Tobias Heider, Leandro Ramos, Erik Hulsmann, Sebastian Crane, Eivind Naess,
Vignesh Raman, clesia_roberto, Jack Toh, Calvin Wan, Matthias Geiger, Robert
Greener, Lena Voytek, Glen Choo, Helmar Gerloni, Vinay Keshava, Michel Alexandre
Salim, Lev Borodin, Fab Stz, Matt Barry, Travis Wrightsman, Nathan Pratta
Teodosio, Philippe Swartvagher, Dennis Filder, Robin Alexander, Christoph
Hueffelmann, David Heidelberg, Juri Grabowski, Anupa Ann Joseph, Aaron Rainbolt,
and Braulio Henrique Marques Souto.

New Debian Maintainers

Please welcome: Markus Schade, Jakub Ružička, Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras, Hugh
McMaster, Douglas Andrew Torrance, Marcel Fourné, Marcos Talau, Sebastian
Geiger, Clay Stan, Daniel Milde, David da Silva Polverari, Sunday Cletus Nkwuda,
Ma Aiguo, Sakirnth Nagarasa, Lukas Matthias Märdian, Paulo Roberto Alves de
Oliveira, Sergio Almeida Cipriano Junior, Julien Lamy, Kristian Nielsen, Jeremy
Paul Arnold Sowden, Jussi Tapio Pakkanen, Marius Gripsgard, Martin Budaj,
Peymaneh, Tommi Petteri Höynälänmaa, Lu YaNing, Mathias Gibbens, Markus Blatt,
Peter Blackman, Jan Mojžíš, Philip Wyett, Thomas Ward, Fabio Fantoni, Mohammed
Bilal, and Guilherme de Paula Xavier Segundo.

New Debian Developers

Please welcome: Jeroen Ploemen, Mark Hindley, Scarlett Moore, Baptiste Beauplat,
Gunnar Ingemar Hjalmarsson, Stephan Lachnit, Timo Röhling, Patrick Franz,
Christian Ehrhardt, Fabio Augusto De Muzio Tobich, Taowa, Félix Sipma, Étienne
Mollier, Daniel Swarbrick, Hanno Wagner, Aloïs Micard, Sophie Brun, Bastian
Germann, Gürkan Myczko, Douglas Andrew Torrance, Mark Lee Garrett, Francisco
Vilmar Cardoso Ruviaro , Henry-Nicolas Tourneur, and Nick Black.


1064 people and 10 teams are currently listed on the Debian
Contributors [67] page for 2022.

   67: https://contributors.debian.org/

Quick Links from Debian Social Media

This is an extract from the micronews.debian.org [68] feed in 2022, in
which we have removed the topics already commented on in this DPN issue.
You can skip this section if you already follow micronews.debian.org or
the @debian profile in a social network (Pump.io, GNU Social, Mastodon
or Twitter). The items are provided unformatted in descending order by
date (recent news at the top).

  * debuginfod.debian.net (the Debian service that eliminates the need
    for developers to install debuginfo packages in order to debug
    programs) is back online!

  * In "How Google got to rolling Linux releases for Desktops",
    Margarita Manterola and other Debian friends explain the move to a
    rolling release model based on Debian for the Google internal facing
    Linux distribution

  * Python Team Sprint during #DebConf22 #DebCamp (today Friday 15th)

  * Welcome to the Innovation and Training Park Prizren (ITP) in Kosovo
    (photo by Daniel Lenharo) #DebCamp #DebConf22

  * Riseup-vpn (easy, fast, and secure VPN service from riseup.net,
    sends all your internet traffic through an encrypted connection)
    accepted into unstable

  * Debian Reproducible Builds Sprint during #DebConf22 #DebCamp

  * Mobian/Debian on mobile Sprint during #DebConf22 #DebCamp

  * #DebConf22 is underway! #DebCamp is being held 10-16 July 2022

  * Bits from the Technical Committee

  * New Debian Developers and Maintainers (March and April 2022)

  * Debian Policy released

  * What is DebCamp? Should I join?

  * Debian developer's survey participation period extended until 2022-

  * Misc Developer News (#57): Debian Reunion Hamburg 2022, Python
    Packages: pep517 build tool, New Debian mailing list: debian-math

  * Freexian and the LTS team have released a survey with questions to
    help both the Debian Project Leader and external funding entities to
    set policies on what kind of Debian work is acceptable to be paid.

  * New Debian Developers and Maintainers (January and February 2022)

  * Salsa (salsa.debian.org, the Debian Gitlab instance) is back online
    - thanks DSA and Salsa admins!

  * Salsa (salsa.debian.org, the Debian Gitlab instance) is currently
    down. We hope to have it back soon, please be patient

  * "CI for the Debian kernel team" by Ben Hutchings

  * Perl 5.34 transition underway in unstable!

  * The Debian Junior pure blend is being relaunched and welcomes
    contributions! Join the effort to make Debian the operating system
    that children enjoy using

  * New Debian Developers and Maintainers (November and December 2021)

   68: https://micronews.debian.org

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