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Debian BootCamp for people new to Debian

We are happy to see many people new to Debian (for example Outreachy
and Google Summer of Code interns) attending the DebConf.

This BootCamp is an opportunity to get introduced to Debian and have
some hands-on experience with using Debian and contributing to Debian.

Mentors: Sruthi Chandran; Pirate Praveen. (People interested to mentor,
add your name to https://wiki.debian.org/DebConf/22/DebCamp#Your_plans

Venue: Noisy Hacklab
Contact: Sruthi Chandran (srud on OFTC or "srud at debian dot org)
When: 13-15 Jul 2022 - Starting at 2 pm after lunch and we will
interactively adapt the topics covered based on your level of
understanding and we can connect you with teams you are interested in.

We can help you choose technical (for example packaging, bug fixing,
transitions, system administration etc) or non technical (for example
plublicity, design, organizing events, translations etc) contributions
as per your interest.

Pirate Praveen

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