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Misc Developer News (#57)

The news are collected on https://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews
Please contribute short news about your work/plans/subproject.

In this issue:
 + Debian Reunion Hamburg 2022
 + Python Packages: pep517 build tool
 + New Debian mailing list: debian-math

Debian Reunion Hamburg 2022

 From May 23 until May 30 Debian folks are meeting[1] in Hamburg to hack,
 socialize and learn from and which each other. There will be talks too!

 [1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/de/2022/DebianReunionHamburg

  -- Holger Levsen

Python Packages: pep517 build tool

 The Python world has developed new standards for building and
 distributing modules. You'll often see a pyproject.toml file instead
 of a setup.py that you used to get. pybuild now has support for
 building these packages with the pyproject plugin. Build-Depend on
 `pybuild-plugin-pyproject` to use it. See this message for details[2]
 (note: at the time it was called the pep517 plugin, since renamed).

  -- Debian Python People

 [2] https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20211217235213.ub56dvrdkiwgjcww@satie.tumbleweed.org.za

New Debian mailing list: debian-math

 The Debian listmasters have recently created this new mailing list:

  * debian-math[3]: Discussion of issues relating to the new Debian
    Math team[4], including use of Debian for mathematics research,
    useful packages, particular problems faced by mathematician using
    Debian, how to make Debian more useful to mathematicians, etc.

  -- Paul Wise

 [3] https://lists.debian.org/debian-math/
 [4] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Math



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