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Re: Endorsing xiao sheng wen's key 740D7FE2AB3143E86C8FD12300186602339240CB

Am 02.10.21 um 00:19 schrieb Sam Hartman:
"Bastian" == Bastian Germann (via nm debian org) <nm@debian.org> writes:

     Bastian> For adopting apng2gif, xiao sheng wen signed their work and
     Bastian> email using a GPG key with fingerprint 740D 7FE2 AB31 43E8
     Bastian> 6C8F D123 0018 6602 3392 40CB.  ---

Hi.  For endorsing a key, we're looking for a long-running relationship
(months or more) with that key.
Are you writing an endorsement about a one-time interaction, or are is
there detail I'm missing?

You are not missing any detail. I thought endorsements are a replacement for GPG signatures. Maybe you want to address this on the nm.debian.org help message for it, which says:

"Endorsement of an identity is not an advocacy for membership. You are not stating that the person should be a Debian Member or a Debian Maintainer, but rather that the applicant interacted with you and worked together with you, and that for these interactions they relied on the endorsed key as their identity. The following paragraph is a rough example of what an endorsement could be. Feel free to use it as a template to write yours.


Endorsements are not intended to be long-term."

And I do not remember from the announcement that key endorsements are somehow about approving the work one has done but more about identity.


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