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Re: Endorsing xiao sheng wen's key 740D7FE2AB3143E86C8FD12300186602339240CB

Hi, Sam!

    I has a long-running relationship with my key, more than one year.

    Welcome to see my DDPO:



xiao sheng wen

在 2021/10/2 上午6:19, Sam Hartman 写道:
"Bastian" == Bastian Germann (via nm debian org) <nm@debian.org> writes:
     Bastian> For adopting apng2gif, xiao sheng wen signed their work and
     Bastian> email using a GPG key with fingerprint 740D 7FE2 AB31 43E8
     Bastian> 6C8F D123 0018 6602 3392 40CB.  ---

Hi.  For endorsing a key, we're looking for a long-running relationship
(months or more) with that key.
Are you writing an endorsement about a one-time interaction, or are is
there detail I'm missing?


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