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Re: Endorsing xiao sheng wen's key 740D7FE2AB3143E86C8FD12300186602339240CB

>>>>> "Bastian" == Bastian Germann <bage@debian.org> writes:
    Bastian> And I do not remember from the announcement that key
    Bastian> endorsements are somehow about approving the work one has
    Bastian> done but more about identity.

It's very much about identity, but normally it's about identity in the
sense of "I interacted with this person using this key for six months."

I guess there's nothing wrong with an endorsement for a single
interaction, but my understanding is that in deciding to approve key
consistency checks, front desk is looking for a long history with a key,
so a one-time endorsement is unlikely to hold much value on our side.

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