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Re: Phil Morrell: Declaration of intent to become a DD, non-upl.

>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Morrell <debian@emorrp1.name> writes:

    Phil> On Wed, May 12, 2021 at 10:56:38PM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
    >> > I would like to apply to change my status in Debian to Debian
    >> Developer, non-uploading.
    >> > 
    >> > I have been maintaining two contrib packages in the Games Team,
    >> and now taken > on one main and 3 official backports. Debian has
    >> been my personal philosophy > for about a decade, I am not going
    >> anywhere, though my actions do wax and wane.  > I want to be a
    >> part of deciding Debian's future through DPL elections and GRs.
    >> After reading the two mails that support so far your request, it
    >> grabs my attention that both Norbert and Markus mention working
    >> with you on activities that imply uploading -- "taking over the
    >> orphaned qalculate packages", "packaging contributions for
    >> games", "technical work accurate and correct"...
    >> My question is, why not applying for uploading DD? It would seem
    >> to be more consistent with your Debian involvement history!

    Phil> Hi Gunnar, thank you for caring about my application.

    Phil> I did originally apply for uploading, as it seemed the default
    Phil> way, but I struggled to find sponsors. I've deliberately
    Phil> avoided collecting a large QA page so I can avoid leaving any
    Phil> to bitrot, but that means I don't have much experience with
    Phil> difficult packages. I think it's fair to say I don't meet the
    Phil> requirement to "be trusted to have full, unsupervised,
    Phil> unrestricted upload right now".

I'm speaking as an individual.
I have not talked to the other DAM trainees about this and certainly not
to the delegated members of the account managers.
It's not at all clear to me the above is true.
I think it's likely that you managed to catch people while they weren't
available and to have a bit of trouble finding advocates.
And/or advocates might have thought they needed to assert personal
knowledge beyond what they did.
It's possible some of your advocates would recommend you get a bit more
experience before applying for DD_U.  It's possible that this was an
unfortunate misunderstanding/timing.

Given that you already have a dd_nu process going and in the works, my
recommendation is that you let that go forward.
And then, when you get to a point where you want to be a dd_u, even if
that's a relatively short time after you become a dd, write to
nm@debian.org and ask for how to proceed.
(If you have advocates already lined up and just click the button on the
website, that's fine too).
I think that's especially true if being able to sponsor things would
help you in your mentorship work.

Again, speaking only for myself, as an individual.


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