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Re: Mathieu Mirmont: Declaration of intent to become a DD, upl.

>>>>> "Mathieu" == Mathieu Mirmont <mat@parad0x.org> writes:
    >> > > Furthermore, I notice that your GPG key has no signatures:
    >> remember that > > you'll need 2 for DD, but only one for DM
    >> (signatures or endorsements).
    >> > 
    >> > Yes I will ask my sponsors if they would consider signing my
    >> key. It > is a bit difficult with the ongoing pandemic to meet
    >> and sign keys in > person. I have been signing all my emails and
    >> my packages with this > key so there is some history recorded
    >> within Debian, I am hoping that > this can be a sufficient proof
    >> for the time being. Do you maybe have > suggestions?
    >> I haven't looked at your key, but if it's old enough, and you
    >> used it enough to establish some kind of consistency, that should
    >> be enough for somebody you interacted with to endorse the key.

    Mathieu> Cool, I'll send some emails then.

Note that endorcements is a bit different than signing a key; you can
link to the endorcement page from your personal page on nm.debian.org.
It maiy be easier than getting people to sign your key given the
One of the factors leading to endorcements is the trouble you are
expressing with the pandemic.

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