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Re: Mathieu Mirmont: Declaration of intent to become a DD, upl.

On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 03:35:59PM +0200, Mathieu Mirmont wrote:
> Hey, thanks for looking into my application. I wasn't too sure what to
> apply for TBH, I wasn't sure is DM was a typical step before DD or the
> statement of a different intention. One of my sponsors suggested that
> I apply for DD.
> My prime motivation to apply for DD/DM is to not have to bother people
> to upload new versions of the packages that I maintain. DM would be
> totally fine.

Well, if you have DDs that would advocate your DDs, we can totally do
this, but indeed from your words it sounds a weak motivation, and I'd
recommend to re-apply as DM.  However it would be great to hear from
your potential advocates first :)  - please point them to this thread.

To expand on my position:
From my _personal_ view, I'd say that you have been contributing long
enough, but at the same time you haven't interacted with a wide enough
"types" of things (i.e., no NMUs, no QA uploads, not in any team,
exposed to few packaging standards, ...); none of this is a blocker per
se, especially since we do have DDs that cares about few things, and
also we do not have any rule requiring any of those.  However, it does
leave *me* with a less-than-perfect impression of your knowledge.  Of
course, you or your advocates can refute me here! :)

> > Furthermore, I notice that your GPG key has no signatures: remember that
> > you'll need 2 for DD, but only one for DM (signatures or endorsements).
> Yes I will ask my sponsors if they would consider signing my key. It
> is a bit difficult with the ongoing pandemic to meet and sign keys in
> person. I have been signing all my emails and my packages with this
> key so there is some history recorded within Debian, I am hoping that
> this can be a sufficient proof for the time being. Do you maybe have
> suggestions?

I haven't looked at your key, but if it's old enough, and you used it
enough to establish some kind of consistency, that should be enough for
somebody you interacted with to endorse the key.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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