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Re: Tong Sun: Advocate

On Sunday, January 17 2021, Utkarsh Gupta wrote:

> For nm.debian.org, at 2021-01-17:
> I support Tong Sun <suntong001@users.sourceforge.net>'s request to become Debian Developer, uploading.
> I have worked with Tong Sun on a couple of golang packages for a couple of months now and I would
> like him to be able to upload packages on his own.

Hi Utkarsh, Tong,

It seems to me, judging from outside (and without having actually seeing
the work you've done) that you don't have too much experience working
together.  This can be problematic, especially if the work was done in
private and in the context of a team collaboration, for example.

> Tong has been a Debian user since before I wasn't even born :) and has been a DM since 2018!
> I believe making him a DD would be a net-win overall and would also help in him helping others! \o/
> I have personally worked with Tong Sun <suntong001@users.sourceforge.net> (key A77985AD72B4CA08D8C5BF79885FDAB331FED834)
> for a couple of months now and I know Tong Sun can be trusted to be a full member of Debian, and have unsupervised,
> unrestricted upload rights, right now.  

I really appreciate the work Tong (and all the volunteers, for that
matter) do for Debian, and I hope he will take this as a positive
criticism, but I disagree with Utkarsh here.  I think Tong would benefit
from more experience with packaging, bug fixing, and other related work,
before applying to become a Debian Developer.

I understand the desire to strengthen your ties to the project, and I
strongly believe that everybody should be aiming to do that, but I also
believe that this is a process that takes its own time.  Sometimes we
need more practice in order to make sure that we will do a good job when
the access to the whole archive is granted to us, and that is absolutely

I would like to finish by saying again that I really hope Tong does not
take this message as a discouragement, because it is not.  Please, keep
up with your work and the experience will come naturally.

Thank you,

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