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Re: DM team: Delegation update requested


[ As a courtesy, I am explicitly CC'ing anibal. ]

On 02/05/2016 20:21, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Also, the delegation should be IMO renamed, as we have changed the DM
> handling since its inception. The DM team currently serves in a
> fashion more similar to that of the NM front desk; we (the
> keyring-maint team) are the keyring maintainers for DM as well.

The consensus reached with NM Frontdesk is that no delegation is needed
for the assigned tasks. I agree that this is also applicable to the
Newmaint team. But I will not de-delegate Newmaint if they feel a
delegation is still needed (If that's the case, I'd be interested to
know why though) and would like to hear Anibal's opinion before taking a

Another option would be to welcome Anibal in the Keyring maint team,
which could also make sense and would give him more autonomy. What do
you think?

> PS- Sorry for pinging on this non-urgent subject via a public mailing
>     list, but after all, that's the listed contact address for the DM
>     team. I am in no way trying to gain prominence by exhibiting a
>     stale bit of reality!

Sure… even if this very specific topic is of no big interest to the
list, and mainly intended for Anibal.



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