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Advocacy for Mechtilde Stehmann


I advocate Mechtilde Stehmann to become Debian Developer, uploading.

The current status of Mechtilde Stehmann is Debian Maintainer.

Advocacy text:

I know Mechtilde in real-life since (if I remember correctly) the first OpenRheinRuhr in 2009 and probably since even longer on IRC.

She worked on QA for OpenOffice and is well-known in the German Debian and OpenOffice/LibreOffice scene for being able to identify non-trivial issues and properly report them including many helpful details. She is a long-time and respected regular in #debian.de on IRC as well.

A few years ago, I started sponsoring two of her packages, both related to LibreOffice: loook and libreoffice-canzeley-client. Mechtilde was very keen on learning how to get things right and also learning about the "why" behind the proper ways. She documented all the steps we did to recapitulate them later again. Her goal always seems to produce a perfect package.

In the meanwhile she definitely can maintain packages on her own -- which is also why I gave here DM upload permissions about a year ago. Nevertheless she still occassionally asks for peer-reviews of her fixes for non-trivial or exotic issues -- as I'd expect it from DDs as well if they're tackling a seldom and non-trivial issue.

So I'd be happy to see Mechtilde becoming a DD with full upload permissions. I'm sure, she'll enrich Debian furthermore by becoming a DD -- not only with her insight into QA, translations and OpenOffice/LibreOffice debugging, but also as a person.

Axel Beckert (via nm.debian.org)

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