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Report for 'Debian Developer, non-uploading' applicant Laura Arjona Reina


I recommend to accept Laura Arjona Reina as a new Debian Developer, non-uploading.
The account name is larjona.

 * Applicant background

My name is Laura Arjona Reina and I live and work in Madrid, Spain. I am 37 years old.

I use Debian at work since 2007, and at home since 2010. 

In 2012 I started to clean spam and to translate Debian web pages into Spanish.

Since September 2013 I'm dipping my toe into the Publicity team (I propose dents or news, and mirror the Identica dents in the GNUSocial fediverse), and the Webmaster team (bug-triaging). 

I've been to Barcelona MiniDebConf Women 2014 and I enjoyed a lot, specially meeting and working face to face with people that I was following for *years* in the Debian lists or the Debian planet.

I would like to go to DebConf15, but I'm quit sure that I will not be able to go. Meanwhile, to keep myself dreaming and learning, I'm contributing in the publicity/social media subteam of the DebConf15 organisation team. 

I try to be welcoming with new possible contributors in debian-women and the teams where I am involved, the same that other people did with me. I loved the project "Debian contributors" and I try to help promoting it.

My plans for the short/mid future in Debian are: keep on translating the website, go for the packages descriptions too, keep on learning and participating more in publicity, website and debian contributors, and learn about the possible new "welcome team" (mentioned in DebConf14) and get involved there too.


Neil McGovern

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